SSD Disintegrator

SSD shredder, particle size less than ≤ .5 mm²

Features Summary

  • Destroys various types of media such as thumb drives, PC boards, laptop boards, cellphone boards, CDs, floppy disks, flash memory and RAM
  • Sliding feed opening
  • Safety features
    • Insulated cabinet for maximum noise reduction
    • Mounted on casters for easy relocation

The SEM SSD Destruction Disintegrator (DEC-SSD1-HS) can reduces solid state devices to waste particles of ≤ .5 mm² and meets DIN 66399 Standard E-7 which is smaller than the NSA requirement for sanitization of SSD devices per NSA/CSS EPL 9-12. And the absolute destruction through repetitive high speed cutting of memory media ensures all data is properly sanitized.

This device is also a compact, self-contained destruction system with all components housed within a custom enclosure for maximum sound, odor and dust control. The DED-SSD1-HS also features an interlocked feed slide with integrated feeding protocols ensuring proper metering of media through the data sanitization process. Safety interlocks prevent operation when any safety guard or panel is not in place or waste disposal is required. An air filtration system consisting of a carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter is also included.

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