Category: Information Security Solutions

WebADM Control Center

WebADM provides a hierarchical view of your LDAP organization, centralized audit and powerful applications’ management features. It is able to aggregate multiple heterogeneous LDAP directories in a single view. It supports delegated administration, fine-grained access-control to LDAP data and role-based permissions for all management operations. As a framework, it is the container that provides integration to RCDevs’ Web Services (OpenOTP, SMSHub, TiQR…) and end-user WebApps (User Self Service Desk, Self Token Registration, OpenID & SAML IdP…)

vSEC:CMS Product Suite

The vSEC:CMS S-Series empowers business systems by providing state of the art, highly secure user identity management. Its two-factor authentication and PKI capabilities lets companies of all sizes take advantage of powerful applications that require and demand the highest level of security, for fine-grained access control, traceability, audit and non-repudiation. The product suite consists of products that meet every organization’s requirements for managing virtual and physical smart cards especially Yubikey.

Tectia® SSH Client/Server

Enterprise SSH client/server software for secure high-speed file transfer and remote access Robust, enterprise-class SSH from the inventors of the SSH protocol Tectia SSH is the leading enterprise-class SSH client/server Flexible, multi-platform encryption and authentication Tectia SSH Client and Server are fully interoperable with OpenSSH and standard SSHv2-compliant third-party implementations. You have the flexibility to […]