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How to Protect your Social Media Accounts from being Hacked?

Ways that can Protect your Social Media Accounts from being attacked by hackers. For most people, using their social media platform is part of their daily life, it is where they interact with their friends and family member or even their colleagues, and it is seen by many as an extension themselves. Having your Social […]

Best YubiKey for you

This is a guide on which Yubikey is the best for you and where you can buy it. Choosing the best YubiKey for yourself could be difficult sometimes since there are technically many YubiKey to choose from. It comes in a different various size and each individual Key have their own usefulness. Having a YubiKey […]

How to Protect your account passwords with a Hardware Security Key.

When It comes to protecting your password, SMS based or app-based two factor authentication (2FA) using your smartphone is more secure than depending on just passwords. But sometimes it can be time-consuming to set it up and run. Hardware security keys provide a fast and convenient way to use two factor authentications (2FA) without messing […]

What is FIDO U2F?

The FIDO Alliance started as an answer to the security problems of typical username/password login method. Passwords are viewed as not secure in the current age of digital security. Despite that, there have been a few barriers to the adoption of different and better authentication services. In the past, consumers did not enjoy their user […]

5 Most Popular Uses of YubiKey

As we become more dependent upon online platforms for social and professional purposes, it grows increasingly important that we adapt to stronger online security measures. One of the most important steps you can take to secure your online services is setting up two-factor authentication. This protocol commonly refer as 2FA requires you to type in […]

Tips to Stay Safe in the Digital World

Imagine this, a dark and stormy night, and you are at home alone. Lurking among the shadows is the most dreadful hazards of modern lifestyle, the risks of cybercrime. But you are careful, and arm with antivirus software as well as backed up data, and you have updated your software regularly. Suddenly, you get a […]

7 Benefit of Using Password Manager

We have to use various accounts on the internet in our daily lives. Using a password manager, we can keep the login details many accounts in one place and we just need to remember one password. A password vault stores your passwords securely, allowing you to save the information in the cloud or on your […]